Saturday, August 20, 2005

And what is THIS?

I'm not much for guessing games, so I'll tell you. It's what remained after I had enjoyed a particularly good globe artichoke. I found some perfect ones in the store a while ago, and popped a few in the fridge. They were excellent for lunch last week.

How to prepare an artichoke
Break off the stalk. Try giving it one hard beat of your fist - that will release some of the threads from the bottom. If that doesn't work, just cut it off. Trim the top, I usually cut off about an inch or so.

Boil up some water, salt generously. Put in the artichoke, and cover with a heavy plate so it doesn't just bob around in the water. Boil for 30-40 minutes - when it's done, the leaves should come away easily when you tug at them.

Remove from the water and serve immediately with some kind of dipping sauce or just butter. My fave - honey butter.

Honey Butter
25 g butter
2 tsp runny honey
good pinch of salt

Soften the butter slightly, and mix together. Delicious! Makes enough for one artichoke. (If you're greedy, like me.)

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