Monday, August 15, 2005

Perfect coffee!

Don't have the money - or the space - for a good espresso machine? I know I don't. And considering I drink coffee a couple of times a week, at most - it'd be silly to buy a huge big machine just for that. I have a regular coffee maker, but it doesn't produce a particularly exciting brew.

But my new mocha maker does! It works pretty much like an espresso machine, building up steam that rises through the coffee and results in a wonderful dark brew. The main difference from an espresso is that it doesn't produce a crema. The pressure is obviously a lot less. I don't care though, since I use my dark coffee for lattes and cappuccinos anyway. And this tastes SO good! My favorite right now is a Vanilla Cinnamon Latte in the morning - delicious.

So - how does it work? You pour in cold water in the bottom container, up to the valve that you can see in the picture. You put coffee - espresso coffee, or regular coffee but a bit finer milled than for a regular maker - in the filter, screw on the top part and put on the stove. Two minutes - and it's done. Amazing.

It's super cheap - mine cost 99 SEK, and you can find it for a measly $7 on Ebay - and takes virtually no space. Comes in different sizes, too. I have the three-cup size (and remember, you can only make that amount! No more, no less. You have to fill it, or it won't work as well! Three cups however, means about one large latte. Two small ones. Three cups? That'd be egg cups, then.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anne, you are busy as a bee with your writing, I am checking every day ! And you made me laugh some days ago (5-spice-salmon) with your "general philosophy to have a good time.." it's just the same with me ! The best diet for me was when my beloved Golden Retriever Gino was a puppy, he kept me moving all day and thus I lost 15 kg, but believe me I am catching up again...and proving that philosophy I proudly ;) present: my own fooblog THE FLYING APPLE (
is online ! Thank you for sharing and I hope you will be joining me as well, kind regards from Vienna to Sweden, angelika

Anonymous said...

I have a small middle-of-the-line espresso maker which I use for my own coffee addiction. Wish I could get those top of the line machines...sigh. I do love the stove-top coffee makers though! This is what we used in my godmother's place in Spain and it always produces a delicious brew (aside from being super adorable to look at)!

Anonymous said...

Bialetti, perhaps the most renown maker of stovetop coffee brewers, has, aside from their usual "Moka Express" brewer (of the kind you got) also a model called "Brikka" that operates with a higher pressure and acutally produces crema! Unfortunately, it costs over 500 SEK...