Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Thai food

As you all know, South-east Asia has been hit hard with tsunamis, and thousands of people are dead, or missing. A lot of Swedes are down there - the papers are talking about 2000 missing. Children are flown home without their families. Tragedy doesn't begin to describe what's happening down there.

I can't really find the peace to write about anything at the moment - not that I've had any culinary excitements the past week. Mostly leftovers from christmas - although I *should* blog about Swedish christmas food, I suppose - and I've had an awful cold that just won't go away. But tonight, we went to our local Thai takeaway restaurant, sort of in remembrance of all the people down there, and bought two dishes. They weren't that great - I've had a lot better there - but it was satisfying all the same. One was way too spicy, we could barely eat it - but it didn't matter that much. I'll order something else, next time.

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