Monday, October 13, 2014

Cookbook Watch - bake, bake, bake some more!

I find myself cooking less (at least less exciting blog-worthy stuff) and baking more. Or well, less than I used to, but the balance is at least leaning that way. And I'm drawn to baking books. Lucky for me, that's also what's in the stores this fall. Let me tell you about four new books, all in Swedish (albeit with English titles, most of them).


The Bread Exchange is about bread - obviously - but it's mostly about travelling. And about exchanging bread for other things  - for stories, and also for food. There are loads of recipes, and not just for bread. An interesting read, and lots of photos!


Bröd, bröd, bröd by Martin Johansson (I think you can guess how the title translates) is fourth book. He's a dedicated home baker (and blogger), who has gone from a very labour-intensive search for perfection to striving for good results through little effort. This book is his most extensive to date, and I can't wait to get baking. His recipes are very dependable - they really work.


Delicious by Roy Fares. Roy is one of the most famous pastry chefs in Sweden, and is the host of our version of "Top Chef: Just Desserts". He is also gorgeous... and just like in his previous books, there are plenty of photos of Roy himself. But don't think this is just about a pretty face - because no, he's really talented. His pastries are gorgeous, and delicious too. This book has a special focus on fall and winter goodies.


Sweet Food & Photography by Linda Lomelino is another book with cakes and pastries by Linda, who also started out as a blogger. This book also has a lot of photography tips, and I'd say a must have for anyone wanting to learn more about food photography.

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