Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Wednesday Bookmarks, Dec 8

On my way to work

Christmas is approaching fast, and that's probably why I'm bookmarking so many cookies! I love baking for the holidays, and have already tried a few new recipes. Among them, and I will post my adaptions of the recipes when I get around to it, are these Peppermint Chocolate Crinkle Cookies, and super-delicious Pistachio-White Chocolate Chip cookies. Mmm!

Next to try - but I ran out of chocolate - is this Chocolate Caramel cookie brittle. It's intriguing, as it starts with a layer of saltines! I imagine it'll have that perfect balance of sweet and salty...

Speaking of sweet and salty, I love peanut butter cookies. This is a recipe for chocolate cookies with a hidden peanut butter center, and I have to try that sometimes.

I've only tried Almond Roca once, and I've never thought of making it myself, but according to this recipe, it seems easy enough. My favorite candy this time of year is Peppermint Chocolate Bark - I've made it many times, but I think I'll try it slightly differently this year, inspired by this post at Confections of a Foodie Bride. Swirled!

Speaking of peppermint, and just to prove I didn't only bookmark cookies this week, here are two different riffs on minty frozen desserts. The first one - in Swedish - is a parfait which is not technically an ice cream but close enough. And finally, a regular recipe for Peppermint Ice Cream from a cute blog called Cherry Tea Cakes. She's made it into ice cream sandwiches - not sure if I'll have the patience myself, but the recipe sounds great!

And if you want to see all of my bookmarks - this is where to find them.


Unknown said...

so pretty and so jealous!

Sean Grey Hanson said...

The sunset always makes me mellow. :D Great photo, though.

Unknown said...

...And this becomes my Android wallpaper immediately ;)