Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Royal Icing


I'm by no means an expert at icing cookies, but I thought I should at least share these with you that I made for Titus' 1st birthday party. The cookies themselves were delicious, but I have to admit I'm not sure which recipe I ended up using. I know I had a lot of real vanilla, though, and fairly little sugar. The cookies will be extremly sweet anyway, and unfortunately few were hesitant to try these because of all the icing and the unnatural color. But they looked cute!

I use Wilton's meringue powder for making icing. It's just easier and gives more consistent results for me.

Royal Icing
(printable recipe)

for outlining:
250 ml (1 cup) powdered sugar
2 tsp meringue powder
2 tbsp warm water
1/2 tbsp lemom juice or 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

for flooding:
250 ml (1 cup) powdered sugar
2 tsp meringue powder
4 tbsp warm water
1 tbsp lemom juice or 1 tsp vanilla extract

Mix all ingredients and beat on high effect for about five minutes. It will be thick and shiny. Add color, and if it seems too thick, a few drops of water. Move to a piping bag and seal it immediately, or cover with plastic wrap - it will dry out very fast.

If you want to flood, you have to start with outlining. Outline, and let it dry slightly. Then flood. It'll take about 24 hours to dry - after that, you can decorate using a different color.


Recipe in Swedish:


Unknown said...

those cookies are perfection, really eyecatching

John K said...

Nice color too

Lisa - Sockerrus said...

Looks very yummie! =)

/ Lisa - Sockerrus