Thursday, July 22, 2010

Indian Cooking


Remember how I told you about Indian Cooking Classes in Stockholm this summer? Well, I went, and it was wonderful. I thought I'd show you some photos. I didn't take that many, as I was busy chatting with Sapphire and her lovely mom, and eating, of course.

Filling for samosas: potatoes, peas and spices.

Samosas getting stuffed - this was not hard, but not as easy as it looked, either.

And the finished little golden packages of deliciousness.

We were treated to three different types of tea, and I loved this variety with fresh ginger and black pepper. I'll try making it myself when the weather cools down a little.

A very yummy snack, that I'd love to get my hands on.

And this, too. Some sort of daal, soaked and fried. Like rice crispies, but not!


Sapphire's spice drawers. No comment necessary.


Åsa said...

Mmm, samosas är goda men en het chutney till. Vad använde ni för deg till dom? Gjorde ni själva eller använde någon färdig?

Härlig kryddlåda :-)

Frida- said...

Tänk om man ahde haft din kryddlåda! Väldigt snygga burkar du har, får man fråga vart de kommer ifrån?

Anne said...

Åsa, vi gjorde egen deg!

Frida - det är värdinnans, men jag har faktiskt likadana. De är magnetiska och jag har mina på kylskåpet. De kommer faktiskt från Ikea, men jag är inte så säker på om de finns längre.

vonskareng said...

ser jättegott ut! :)

linda said...

I love samosas! Care to share a recipe with us? ;-)

Anne said...

I'll gladly share a recipe once I've tried it for myself, at home :)

Sandy said...

ooh and that tea with the ginger and did you say black pepper? How very intriguing!

bed frames said...

Indian has a very fascinating culture. One of the sign of it is in their foods. They have very rare cooking styles but all their foods are great.

Shaheen {The Purple Foodie} said...

And now you make me crave for the poho snack! Love it. Going to ask my sister to get it on her way back home today.

Nuna said...

your blog is too fine. Thanks for sharing this