Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Foodie Gifts: Macaroni & Cheese

'Nuff said, really. You all know what this is. Manna from heaven. Or manna from Amsterdam, in this case. A fellow blogger, Henrik from MUMS (in Swedish) decided to send me a surprise gift. What a sweetie!

And yes, that third box is indeed ripped open. And the contents? Inhaled, almost.

And would you believe my luck? I *also* got a package with even MORE Mac&Cheese from Jennifer over at Taste Everything Once. I'm feeling so spoiled that it's ridiculous. But very, very, very happy, too!


Anonymous said...

Hej Anne,
Om du känner att du behöver köpa mer mac&cheese i Stockholm så finns det på Gray's eller på Västerlånggatan.

Anne said...

Laksen - tack, det har du helt rätt i. De har väl till och med Velveeta ibland, har jag hört. Fast dyrt, förstås. Men har man abstinens så har man! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice, lucky girl!!!

Are you taking part in euro blogging by post 3, Anne? I can't wait to prepare the parcel for my receiver!

Anne said...

Dagmar, I'm passing this time around. I'll do it for next round though! :)