Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Foodie Gifts: Velveeta

It's a custom to give little rhymes with your christmas presents, so that the reciever can guess what he or she is getting, before opening the package. My family has never employed this habit, but many people do. Lena is one of them.

She was recently in Washington, and came home with a christmas present for yours truly. The rhyme was - in Swedish: "Tomten vet vad du vill ha - något gult från USA". This translates - roughly - into "Santa knows just what you want - something yellow from USA." (And yes, it does rhyme in Swedish.)

It was a block of Velveeta! I'm SO happy! I love fake cheese stuff - Kraft Mac & Cheese truly is one of my favorite foods ever. And I'm being serious here. (Might have something to do with it being virtually impossible to get here.) So, Velveeta.. thank you Lena. Great present! I have to make something really "worthy" with it.


Kelly said...

Haha I have always taken Velveeta for granted, but I can see why you like it. I am now wondering what Swedish brands I am missing out on in the states.

Nikka said...

OMG. I'm jelaous. I love quesadillas made on Velveeta. We always buy Velveeta if we are in the US, and also tell our friends to buy it for us if someone goes overseas. It's such a shame we don't have Velveeta and Mac & Cheese in Sweden!

IndyFoodie said...

My great-grandfather owned a cheese factory in Wisconsin and would never allow Velveeta in his house, he said it was actually edible plastic! But I still love it and love Kraft Mac & Cheese, to bad you don't have it there, but I am sure you can make something very close with your Velveeta. If your ever really craving mac & cheese I will be happy to send you some. Just let me know what brand you want :)

Lena said...

You are welcome! It's good to know that there are others like me, that like to eat fake yellow cheese :)

cybele said...

I love plastic cheese.

There are some things, like macaroni, that are just made for it.

I also like Egg McMuffins (no meat). The blend of the sharp and smooth cheese food with the mild egg and crunchy English muffin is just the thing.

Happy New Year!

Pandapi said...

My mom used to melt Velveeta on hot cauliflower for a quick sauce - good stuff. One of my favorites is to melt it on soda crackers (with margarine, not butter, please!) - a snack my dad used to make, and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Happy munching whatever you find to make with it. Looking forward to hearing what that is...cindy

Anne said...

Oh man, all of those suggestions sound so good! :) Indyfoodie - I know, it *is* very fake. But very addictive.. we have tons of cheeses in Sweden, all kinds really - but all are "good" kinds. Nothing fake. In fact, I doubt the strong colors are even approved here.

Cybele - I love Egg McMuffins. It has occurred to me to try my own - sounds like I really should. I have to start out by making muffins though.. or just use toast.

Pandapi - on cauliflower! That sounds really, really good. :)

Lacey said...

I miss velveeta, too. I am from the states and moved to Sweden and I never realized how much I used Velveeta in cooking and even sandwhiches. It simply isn't the same. If you ever hear of a place to buy velveeta in the states, please let me know. laceyleathers at gmail dot com