Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Round up from Thanksgiving

Time really does fly. Thanksgiving was a few weeks ago, and I never really posted about the full spread. I should, though. Maybe it'll provide some holiday inspiration?

-Roasted Turkey
-Roasted potatoes
-Brussel sprouts
-Maple Roasted parsnips
-Corn Pudding
-Honey Saffron Bread
-Lingonberry Chipotle Salsa
-Mixed Salad
-Chocolate Truffle Oblivion Cake


sailu said...

Awesome inspirational spread indeed,Anne!

Kevin said...


How'd the corn pudding turn out?

Henry said...

Dear Anne!

Thanks for all the wonderful recipies and thoughts!
Happy Holidays!

Anne said...

Kevin - it was absolutely great! I loved it. And it was fine to make one day ahead, and then just re-heat. Perfect!

Henry, happy holidays to you too! I hope I get your cookbook for christmas! :)