Friday, February 18, 2005


Let's try again

Ok. I'm trying to play with Hello/Picasa/BloggerBot and I'm not quite getting it. Is this size - medium - ok, by the way? And posting pics directly to the blog seems stupid as that makes a new post - I usually add pictures last. So, I suppose I'll start a parallell blog, and then link to those pictures? Except.. hm, how do I find out the right address to link it into, so to speak? Gah - I sound completely moronic, I know. If anyone knows what I'm talking about, H E L P M E :) Oh - or is it as simple as editing the post in the parallell blog, copying the img link there and posting in my regular blog? Hm? Is that it? It sounds reasonable, doesn't it?

Oh, and meanwhile - enjoy the picture of my darling Kelly as a baby. She's about three months old, right when we got her. Now, she's almost two years, and pregnant with her first litter of beautiful babies.


Anonymous said...

What a cute picture! 'Tis a pity kittens lose that kitteny quality as they mature. The picture size is great.
Rick in California

Anonymous said...

what is a kitteny quality? are cats actually nice when they're little?
dog person also in cali

Laurent Martinez said...

I've just started to use hello and picasa to post my pictures to blogger. You're right, each time you send a picture it generates a new post (still don't know how to avoid this).

What I do is that I copy the link to the picture (they are recorded under and then paste it in the appropriate post under the following format : img src=""

Last step : I delete the post that had been originally generated by hello/blogger.

And my picture remains where it should belong : the post where I have chosen to place it.

Hope it'll prove useful.

Bye. Laurent

Anonymous said...

I can't help you with any picture/computer problems, but...What a cute kitty! A precious puffball, if you will! Good Luck sorting out the technical problems, although, as far as I can tell, everything's working fine!

GrilledSandwich said...

awww... such cute kitty. wish i could have one of her litter.. what an adorable furball.

Anonymous said...

If you share the picture with picasa/hello as a new post, you can then log into your blog and edit that new post - you can change/add text, move the picture to a different location in the post etc. It's pretty easy.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I havent found a way to type my entries first then post my photos. But if you want to post all your photos on one entry, just type || (above the enter key) after each caption you enter on hello, then press enter.... this way, each photo will be queued and combined with the next photo. at the very last photo, u can just press enter as per normal, then all the photos will be combined onto one post. then just type your entry in between and around your photos =) you'll get the hang of this after a while!