Friday, February 18, 2005

Lamb with rocket

I was at a small function a couple of weeks ago that served finger food. We had four different things - a small noodle salad served in glasses, mainly made up of glass noodles and some type of greens, chicken skewers with a chili dipping sauce, some outright disgusting sushi type roll with crab and shrimp (it was slimy and tasted muddy - no thanks!) and then the glorious thing - small slices of grilled baguette with a grilled lamb, and topped with a creamy ball of chevre cheese. Mm.

So that got me thinking. I want more lamb. And more chevre, for sure. So, a couple of nights ago I decided to make my own version. This was a lot more filling than it looked, and it's just a simple salad of rocket, grilled and skinned red bellpepper, grilled lamb in thin slices and topped with coriander, served with a chevre cream from cheese and creme fraiche. It was a great little evening meal.

I'm typing this with two kittens on my shoulder, playing with my hair. Claws are very, very sharp. I suppose it's a hint to go feed them.


GrilledSandwich said...

i have heard that lamb can raise your blood pressure, do you know if any truth to it?

Niki said...

Hi Anne; I thought I'd drop you a quick comment to say that I'm really enjoying reading your blog. It's on my daily list of must-checks. :-)

Sammy - Australia is a country brought up on lamb (literally, for a long time our economy 'rode on the sheep's back'...wool included there too) and I've never heard that about blood pressure. Unless it's a sort of feeling that red meat makes you 'red blooded' (i.e strong etc.)?
As Australians eat so much lamb, I'm often surprised when I hear people in other countries say they don't eat it often, or have never tried it!! I read a foodblog the other day, from someone in USA who makes wonderful, interesting, adventurous food, but had never tried lamb before?! Call themselves foodies?? ;-) Is it harder to find lamb in the US?

Anne said...

Sammy - I've never heard of that! I doubt it's worse than any other red meat in that respect - but I don't know for sure, of course. Anyway - I imagine you'd have to eat loads and loads for it to have any impact. Although once you start, it might not be that easy to quit ;)

Esurient - hi! :) Oh, I wish it lamb was even more available here, it's one of my favorite meats. It's getting better and better, but it's still fairly expensive and there aren't much to choose from. I have a nice lambskin for my kitties - or for my feet, mostly. We got it for christmas, but the cats are deadly afraid of it and will squeal with horror if we try to place them on it. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Anne--My wife and I just returned to the US from Italy where we both ate delicious meals with rocket. I just spent a couple of hours at the grocery store fresh-vegetable section but could find nothing that looked like rocket. Does rocket have another name in the US? Thanks. Jim.

Anne said...

Hi Jim! Rocket is also known as aragula, I think! In Sweden, it's sold as Ruccola. I hope that helps!