Wednesday, February 16, 2005

What he fixed

Mm, I have a very good boyfriend. (Or well, fiancé really - we're getting married this summer. It just seems like such an awkward word to use.) He made me a delicious Valentine's dinner!

He had previously asked if I'd prefer an appetizer or a dessert. I opted for the dessert. So, for the maincourse, he fixed Saltimbocca with risotto - that is, veal with parma ham and sage, in a delicious winey broth that the kittens were disturbingly attracted to. The risotto had asparagus and mushrooms, and was the first risotto Per made on his own. Excellent results!

For dessert, he poached granny smith apples in sugar syrup, covered them with a thick blanket of luscious merengue, topped with flaked almonds, baked, and served with ice cream. It was incredible. I'd love to have that again, any time.

Dinner last night was more of a use-stuff-up-from-the-fridge kind of affair. We had a lot of sausage, and made a stew, sort of - sausage, onion, garlic, baby corn, garlic cloves in chili oil, soy sauce, sweet chili sauce, creme fraiche, cream... served over rice. Yummy. And I think I got rid of at least four canisters from the fridge. Not bad!

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Linda said...

What a nice Valentine's Day dinner! Sounds like your boyfriend did an amazing job. Will look forward to seeing the photos whenever you get a chance to post them.