Monday, February 21, 2005

A shopping list

I wasn't planning on joining the latest Is My Blog Burning?; even though it was the anniversary edition and all. Saturday was really busy for me - the kittens moved out, and I spent the day with the new owners. However. Carlo has extended the deadline, so I don't have a good excuse anymore. (If I ever did.) I won't reveal what I'll be making just yet (I'm shooting for Wednesday) but here's a translation of the e-mail I just sent to Per.

"They've extended the deadline for IMBB. I suppose I'll join in... could you please pick up:

Pretzel sticks
cream cheese
canned whipped cream (the disgusting kind that you squirt out)
and maybe some frozen strawberries (because ours are about a thousand years old)



Zarah Maria said...

??? This is going to be sooo much fun Anne!!

Niki said...

Goodness me, that's a weird combination!!