Saturday, December 25, 2021


 Have we ever talked about Langos? Originally an Hungarian dish, but made very much every-man's-festival-favorite during the 90's in Sweden. I never tried them back then, mostly because the traditional way of serving them was with roe - not my fave. However, my pal Dagmar made them for me, and her topping was far superior: creamy fatty smetana (to make all the other things stick), crispy fried bacon, sharp chopped red onion and strong umami-rich Västerbotten Cheese. Oh, and you begin by rubbing the newly fried bread with a slice of garlic. 

We often requested it when she made us dinner. It was lovely. And then she moved away. And for a while, langos became a yearly tradition when we finally saw each other. But during covid-times, it's just been so long. I had to try making it myself. 

My first go - which was last New Year's Eve - was not that great. I had mostly great big fried bubbles. Good, but pretty inconvenient to eat. This time, the dough was less puffy and much better, so I thought I'd write down the recipe. 

This makes enough for.. well, four adults and some kids. We're just two adults and two kids and we have way too much. Don't fry more than you'll eat, they're better just after they're made. Add whatever toppings you like. 

And well, if you happen to have room... they're pretty delicious served with Nutella, whipped cream and fresh berries as well. 

about 16 small 

25 g fresh yeast
300 ml tepid water
1 large (or 2-3 small) boiled potatoes, coarsely grated
pinch of salt
700 ml flour (about 420 g)
oil to fry

Crumble the yeast into a bowl. Add the water and swirl until the yeast is dissolved. Add salt, potato, and the flour. Work into a smooth and supple dough - I used a Kitchen-Aid and let it run on the lowest setting for a little less than ten minutes. Leave to rise for about an hour (I watched Gremlins in the mean time so.. a little more than an hour.) 

On a well floured surface, divide the dough into equal-ish portions, and with a small roller, shape into thin ovals, about the size of your hand. (or a little longer). 

Heat the oil, and when it's warm enough - about 180, 190°C. Add one or two langos at a time and fry for about a minute on each side. Place on paper towels to drain some of the excess oil, then eat at once. 

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