Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Chicken tortilla soup in crockpot

So, yet another recipe for chicken soup in crockpot. Nothing new, but this is mine. I prepared everything in the morning and then just let it cook all day. So comfortable. I always think I should use my crockpot more but I rarely get around to it. Do you have one? What’s your favorite meal to cook in it?

Chicken tortilla soup 
 1 yellow onion, diced
1 large carrot, grated
1 can of salsa (about 350 g)
2 jars of crushed tomatoes (each 400 g)
500 g boneless and skinless chicken thighs
chili powder
vegeta (or some other multi purpose spice)
One whole dried ancho chili

Toss everything in the crockpot. I happen to have a model that can fry, so I did pre-brown the onion a little bit, but no worries if you have a traditional crockpot. It doesn’t matter much. 

Add water - it should more or less cover the other ingredients. It’s soup, not stew. 

Cook for at least 6 hours on low. Before serving, fish out the ancho chili and discard. Also remove the chicken, shred using two forks, then add back to the pot. 

Serve with whatever toppings you want! Avocado, cheese, tortilla chips, some fresh tomatoes, sour cream, would all be very good. 

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