Sunday, February 22, 2015

Banana Ice Cream


Have you tried banana ice cream? You know, the kind with.. bananas. And just bananas? I'm sure you have, I feel very late to this particular party. I do freeze my over-ripe banana slices, but I often end up tossing them out at a later date. A few nights ago though, my kids asked - totally out of the blue - for banana ice cream. I looked at the giant super-strong Oster Versa blender, I remembered my banana slices, and said "sure!"

So basically you toss frozen bananas in a blender, and go. I added a spoonful of cream to facilitate the blending, because without it, I mostly had a frozen banana powder. But in the end, it came together beautifully and I thought it was delicious. The kids weren't that impressed - just with my mad skills and ability to whip up just what they asked for so quickly. I ate their portions. (With chocolate sauce, but don't tell them.)


Jamie said...

Hey Anne,
Thanks for your delicious recipe od Banana ice cream.
I will give a try to this ice cream. I really love ice cream.

Pene said...

I made some recently & added chocolate/cocoa powder & some amaretto. Delicious!

Mark said...

This is amazing every time! We add some peanut butter powder and chocolate. You need a strong blender. m