Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas shopping in Copenhagen


I had a great time last weekend - me and Lena went down to Malmo to visit Dagmar, who has recently moved. We went to Copenhagen, which is just a short trainride away. We enjoyed the christmas decorations, strolled along Stroget, shopped, talked, and had a champagne lunch at Huks Fluks. 


As always in Denmark, I picked up a few new mugs from Green Gate.


One fun find was Hotel Chocolat, which is a British chain of upscale chocolate boutiques. I've read about them before but never visited, I had no idea there was one in Copenhagen. I bought a bunch of these 100g chocolate bars - not all are pictured, because some are destined for christmas stockings.


We also shopped at Emporia, a huge shopping center just outside Malmo, and walking distance from Dagmar's new house. I found this super cute cookie jar at TGR, a fun store that has all sorts of knick-knacks.


And then there was Gräddbullerian - a small shop with just this specific sort of pastry. It's a thin wafer covered with - basically - marshmallow fluff, and dipped in chocolate. I bought the two seasonal varieties, gingerbread and saffron, as well as peppermint, and unflavored ones for the kids.


Dagmar treated us to all sorts of exotic candy - mostly from Japan and the US. I really enjoyed Brain Blasterz, which was a delicious super sour candy.

All in all, it was a fantastic weeekend. I really love hanging out with these girls and I'm looking forward to our next trip - New York City!


aimee said...

LOL. I just finished up my bag of sour Skittles not too many minutes ago:) Did you travel across the Oresund bridge? All the photos I've seen of it are beautiful.
Looks like you had a great time!
Blessings, Aimee

Drunk tomato said...

Fantastic blog and amazing photos! (what camera do you have? )
i Never been to Copengagen but how i see looks beautiful!

Anne said...

Aimee, we did! By train though, and you really can't see that much, but I did cross by car this summer and it's really a special sight.

Drunk tomato - umm.. iphone. :-)

Anonymous said...

Gräddbullar looks better than it taste.