Monday, November 03, 2014

Nutella Chocolate Balls


Yet another version of the Swedish favorite - chokladbollar, or chocolate balls. This is a particularly rich and delicious variety with nutella (or other hazelnut-chocolate spread) in addition to the other ingredients.

100 g butter, softened
80 g Nutella or similar
50 g powdered sugar
50 g coconut flakes
180 g oatmeal
2 tbsp cocoa powder
2 tbsp espresso 
1 tbsp golden syrup
1 tsp vanilla powder
Pinch of salt

Beat together butter, nutella and powdered sugar. Stir in the sugar, coconut flakes, oatmeal, cocoa, espresso, syrup, vanilla and salt and mix to a firm batter.

Shape into small balls, and roll in either more coconut flakes, finely chopped hazelnuts, or pearl sugar. Chill and serve cold.


CandyDuff said...

I'll be making these! Thank you for this easy recipe - I can see my 5 year old assisting in the kitchen with this one.

Fancy Simple said...

Love chocolate and I like you idea on it. Thanks! private chef in austin texas