Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ystad: Söderberg & Sara

We're vacationing in Skåne, in southern Sweden, for a week. We've rented a house, and are exploring the surrounding towns and sights. Today, we're in Ystad. Very quaint town! We had lunch at Söderberg & Sara, a café & bakery that made into White Guide. We bought some bread to take home, and tried the pulled pork burgers for lunch. They came with a really delicious cole slaw and on brioche buns. Very yummy! Per also tried the coffee - strong and excellent - and Titus had a lovely fluffy cinnamon bun. Do visit if you can!


Noelia said...

It makes me hungry !!!
I like the idea of renting homes/appartments instead of hotels, it makes you "live" the place way more :D

Unknown said...

This looks amazing
Please check out my blog I am new on the scene.