Sunday, March 09, 2014

Yet another panna cotta


 No, I'm not giving you yet another recipe for panna cotta, just another serving idea! It was very similar to this one - with vanilla, yogurt and white chocolate. All good! But best was the cherry topping - which again was super simple. I heated some sour cherries with a large pinch of sugar, a grating of lime zest and when it had cooked for a few minutes, I stirred in half a sheet of gelatin to make it a little more jam-like and less soupy. Done in a flash! Would have been awesome with vanilla ice cream, as well.


Jackie said...

This look so good! Saving it to my list of recipes to try.. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love everything with cherries! Where do you buy sour cherries? //nina

Anne said...

Nina, I found them at Picard! Only place I've ever seen them in Sweden.