Saturday, February 08, 2014


I've had a tabletop grill for several years but I finally gave in and bought a proper panini press. I LOVE it! Here's my lunch - cream cheese, st agur blue cheese, and some smoked ham. Awesome! And it took me all of five minutes.


JulesTheNorweegie said...

Ah that looks like a divine lunch! Blue cheese and ham is the perfect pairing, and I'm sure the cream cheese added that extra bit of fluffyness, heaven!
I need to get a "toast" iron, only have a normal toaster (brødrister).


aimee said...

Hi, Anne
That combo sounds particularly yummy today! Mmm.

Anonymous said...

Ser jättegott ut! Vilket märke och vilken modell på press blev det?

Anne said...

Den är från Breville! Jag kommer inte ihåg modellnamnet men det är den största, tror jag. Himla bra. :-)