Monday, November 25, 2013

Indian Lentil Soup


Photo turned out better than the soup, so I thought I'd rather get some input. What's your favorite recipe for lentil soup?


JulesTheNorweegie said...

Lentil and chorizo soup is probably the best lentil soup I've made before:
But there are a few more on my blog and I have an Italian lentil soup to post up either in next post or the other :)
Your Indian lentil soup looks delicious though! At least you can make a few tweakings next time :)

ela@GrayApron said...

Really? It looks so good. I brake that heavy taste of lentils with lemon zest and/or tomatoes and I choose Italian recipes. Good luck with your next one! :) ela

Anonymous said...

Stock made out of smoked ham hocks, that's defatted. ham from the hocks put back in the stock. A chopped onion, a grated carrot or 2, chopped garlic clove (opt) and 12 to 16 oz pkg of lentils (the basic grey green American ones). then cook till lentils are soft and mushy about 30 minutes. Salt and pepper if need but the smoked ham hocks (1 big one or two med size) give it tons of flavor. Ain't fancy but it's sure tasty. Aloha, Ann