Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Rhubarb Raspberry Crisp

Rhubarb raspberry crisp

Oh, this is one dreamy dessert. I started out with rhubarb - I had a bag of frozen rhubarb from last year, begging to be used up before this year's harvest starts to come along. I didn't want to make just a basic crumble though.. I wanted more. And this is the result. Rhubarb and raspberries, and a little bit of sugar and lemon zest to help them get along. A topping made with melted butter - makes everything a little tastier - with white chocolate and bright green slivered pistachios.

Serve this with best-quality vanilla ice cream, or home made vanilla sauce. Don't even think about using the pre-bought stuff.

Substitute almonds if you don't have pistachios.

Rhubarb Raspberry Crisp 
serves 4-6 (or possibly more, it depends on your guests...)

500 g rhubarb, peeled and cut into 2-cm pieces
200 g raspberries (fresh or frozen, then thawed)
zest from one lemon, finely grated
2 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp potato flour

100 g butter
50 g rolled oats
50 g sugar
90 g all-purpose flour
100 g white chocolate
4 tbsp slivered pistachios

Mix the rhubarb and raspberries with the sugar, lemon zest and potato flour in a pie dish.

Melt the butter for the topping, and stir in the oats, sugar and flour. Finally add white chocolate and pistachios, and mix. Divide the topping all over  the pie, no need to make it super-even, just do your best.

Bake at 200°C for about 20 minutes, but watch to make sure it doesn't burn. Serve warm or at room temperature.


Adhis said...

I grew up in a British boarding school in Kenya where rhubarb crumble was a staple desert. We all hated it bc it was so unfamiliar.
Under my list of allergies was always rhubarb each term.

Many years later I showed up at a dinner part. Lo and behold some had brought rhubarb crumble. My body had this weird rejection reaction but I pushed through and tried it.

So delicious! I don't know why we never liked it. Kids can be very simple sometimes

Anne said...

Oh, thanks for sharing that! How interesting! I wouldn't think it would be served in Kenya, how unusual!

Archie Melrose said...

Just to be a parrot I also grew up in a boys British boarding school in Kenya and yep rhubarb was served up. It can still be bought at the side of the road stalls in Kenya. I am meantime trying to find the Swahili translation with little success.