Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Easter!

As usual, I'm away... But I thought I'd repost this short round-up.

Now, most Swedes approach Easter eating as they would Christmas or Midsummer: with a Smorgasbord. You'd see several small dishes, beginning with cold ones and then moving on to warmer. Cold dishes always include several sorts of sill, usually gravlax, sometimes smoked salmon or other fish. Always boiled potatoes, and sauces. Some of my recipes are Caviar SillLemon Sill, and a great Dill-Mustard sauce for the gravlax. Also usually present are one of my favorites - hard-boiled egg halves, topped with mayonnaise and boiled shrimp. Delicious! I also included Lena's red onion cheesecake in this round-up - that'd be perfect for an Easter starter.

For warm dishes, I like to have lamb. Try this slow-braised lamb, or some sort of lamb meatballs -  these with pine nuts are also great. A lot of people eat ham as well - try this coca-cola baked one! A popular side dish is Jansson's Temptation - do try that if you can get your hand on Swedish anchovies.

As for dessert, this is actually a time where a lot of people would serve cake. Something yellow, decorated with marzipan chickens, is popular. Try this one. Something light would also be nice - this white chocolate mousse with mixed fruits, or a rhubarb mousse perhaps?


aimee said...

I always do a smorgasbord for Christmas Eve, but maybe next year I will try one for Easter too...lamb meatballs sound SO yummy and I could still have ham for my ham-loving hubby too.
PS: Do they have Easter egg hunts for the little ones in Sweden like they do in the States?

Anne said...

Aimee, not really hunts but the easter bunny leaves plenty of candy-filled cardboard eggs under your bed, if you're good :-) (Or actually hidden, the boys got a treasure map from their grandma this year.)