Monday, November 19, 2012

Quick cookbook reviews


There's been a LOT of new cookbooks coming out lately, and I thought I'd give you a quick run-down.

I'd get these:
Roy Fares won pastry chef of the year a few years ago, and has been cooking on a popular Swedish tv- show. He's also written his first book: Sweet. And it's absolutely awesome, do get this if you're at all into baking and desserts. Everything sounds delicious and very approachable - I've tried one recipe so far, and it was easy to follow and turned out as I had imagined it. As a bonus, the book is peppered with photos of Roy himself, who is quite easy on the eyes.


Jonas Cramby writes a blog for a popular Swedish magazine and he loves tex-mex. His first cookbook contains completely from-scratch recipes and is aptly named Tex-Mex From Scratch. Everything sounds so awesome, and just a little bit daunting. I feel a strong need for a tortilla press and a tortilla warmer... and maybe a shot of tequila. But seriously, I love the book. It's great.

9789127133464_ Brod och pizza_0_

The popular home baker Martin Johansson has just came out with his third book, which has more easy sourdough breads and also pizza! Definitely a must have, if you like his other books. Or if you didn't get those, but want to learn more about home baking, in a very easy and unpretentious way.

And for everyone who's had a baby, or just needs to juggle things a lot to get food on the table at a reasonable time, try Debbie Koenig's great book, "Parents need to eat too!" It has chapters on naptime cooking, one-handed cooking, "un-cooking" and lots of make-ahead tips. Debbie is a also a blogger, and one that I have "known" for a very long time, so I'm extra-excited about this book.

And I'd skip these:
Jan Hedh's latest, called "Sura degar och söta bröd" (Sour doughs, sweet breads) which as usual, annoyed me. His recipes are ridiculously detailed, and a good portion of the book is just various advice, pretty unstructured. I know a lot of people love his books, but I'm not one of them.

"Mannerströms stora kokbok" by Leif Mannerström is another epic work that's surely to be admired by most foodies. Mannerström is a very renowned Swedish chef, although known to the public perhaps mostly because of his participation as a jury member on the Swedish Masterchef. He's very opinionated, and usually feels that things can only be done one, correct way. His way. Thanks, but that's not my style.

Danyel Couyet has, on that note, written a book with classics, "his way". You'd think I like this better, but sadly, I found it pretty pretentious and annoying. Some things are just not very "twisted" and some are outright crazy. (Some sliced flank steak atop your pasta bolognese?)

And that's it for today. I have many more books to talk to you about, but we'll see when I get around to them :)


Lena said...

Sweet! indeed it looks very sweet :)

Sandra said...

Love the honest opinions! Sometimes it seems that we're all so in awe of famous chefs that we think it's our fault when their books are unreadable and their recipes don't turn out as promised.