Saturday, June 02, 2012

Flippin' Burgers


Stockholm finally has its very own really good burger joint. Flippin' Burgers opened a little while ago, and quickly got super-hyped, and super-swamped - no reservations, so be prepared to wait. Or come early, they open at 5 pm and we got a table right away.


Flippin' Burgers is owned by Jon who felt that we should get some really good burgers in Sweden. Where to get inspiration? The US, of course. So he went on a long road trip, and ate 64 burgers over 38 days, all to find perfection. He came home, decided to open a restaurant, and used crowd funding to get some money for it. Impressive story! And - much more important - impressive burgers.


The menu is simple. Burgers. Fries. Milkshakes. Get all three. I chose a Cricket burger with cream cheese, pickled onions and jalapeños (which I gave to Per, I'm not a fan), and Per went for the classic double burger. We were both really happy. The meat was freshly ground, seasoned and cooked just right. The burgers were really juicy, and super-flavorful. We had to try the shakes, made from Ben & Jerry's ice cream - amazing. The fries are not made from scratch, but were hot, crispy and good. Oh, and there's a delicious herby, vinegar-y mayo in bottles on the table, perfect for dipping the fries. Don't miss it.


I hope Flippin' Burgers will expand, and start serving takeaway as well - I'd love to get my order and take it to a nearby park, rather than wait an hour or two for a table. (Yes, it's that popular.) But for now, try to get there early. You'll find it at Kungsholms strand 157, and they're closed on Sundays.


Anonymous said...

That's nice.

Kay said...

Hi Anne from Oregon....I thought burgers were everywhere. You made me very hungry for all that you had , unfortuntaly I just made a big batch of weightwatchers veggie soup and eating that only for 8 days....need to get rid of some fat...Ha. Enjoy your summer in Sweden..........Love, Kay

Jessica said...

Vill också!!!

Lynnea said...

what dedication to the American Burger! I know I could not eat that many hamburgers even in a year, certainly not in just over a month. Glad you have a great burger place to go to now =) i looks delicious!

Unknown said...

We are going to visit Stokholm soon and Flippin' Burgers of course. Is there any posiibility to book a table at Flippin'? I just cannot get to their page :(

Anne said...

Unfortunately no table booking, I think. They open at 16 now, I suggest to be there early :-)