Thursday, March 08, 2012

Our first dinner from Linas Matkasse

This week, we were invited to try another one of those services that deliver all the groceries you need for five dinners. This time it's Linas Matkasse, which is quite popular. We got a menu especially geared toward kids - not that my toddler would care. His tastes are, let's say, very unpredictable at the moment.

Anyway, this is baked salmon with a creamy rice-shaped pasta, cucumbers and tomatoes. Pretty tasty, but basic. Titus ate some cucumbers and a spoonful of pasta.


Lynnea said...

what a wonderful idea! i wish we had some thing like that in San Diego!

Anne said...

Lynnea, aren't their any services like that? It's getting to be very popular here in Sweden!

Fröken Dill said...

At work, some of my colleaguse love Linas matkasse. It is very interesting to compare their lunchboxes. Dishes made from the same recepie and ingredients can look very different!

Anne said...

Oh I bet! Just because people get the same ingredients doesn't mean they cook it the same. How interesting!

Pille said...

Whad did you cook for the other four nights? The Matkasse-service is just beginning to arrive here - two companies, I believe - but I haven't tried any yet.
Have you figured out why Titus is eating poorly just now. New baby stress? That extra stress didn't seem to affect Nora's eating patterns (she was almost 2, when Aksel was born), but played havoc with her sleeping patterns and potty training..
Still, exciting times ahead for you!

Anne said...

Pille, one night was a pizza - made for an absolutely miserable sconesmix, it was truly inedible. One was fresh filled pasta, with a tomato sauce, bacon and broccoli. One was a soup from ground meat and potatoes, and that was our favorite (with a few embellishments) - I'll be posting the recipe. And one,well, we didn't make it. It was turkey in a dilled sauce, and it didn't appeal to any of us.

Titus is in a slightly hard phase, for him - he gets easily upset, and although he rarely cries or breaks down, he feels more fragile than before. It feels like it's getting better though, and it's not like he doesn't eat at all - just not as varied as I would have preferred, perhaps.