Friday, February 10, 2012

Waffle time!


aimee said...

Looks yummy! I have been looking to buy a heart wafflemaker...can I ask you what type you use and how large the finished waffles are? (One I found said the waffles were about 6 inches)
Blessings and thanks!

Anne said...

Aimee, this is pretty much the only kind of waffle maker available here! Ours is from a pretty cheap brand called Melissa, but it works very well. Look for something heavy and sturdy! Six inches sounds about right... Maybe even a little bigger. I haven't measured, but that's a regular dinner plate so maybe closer to eight..?

aimee said...

Thank you SO much for your advice. I hope I can get one for Valentine's Day!
Blessings and thank you again!

Fredrik said...

Åå Men alla vet att det ska vara molnbär på våfflor. Du skriver för lite om mig. Jag känner att Ingerö och Segerfeldt skriver för lite. :D :D :D

Molnbär. mmmm