Monday, January 23, 2012

Favorite finds at Formex Spring 2012

I spent yesterday at the Formex fair with Lena and Dagmar. Formex is a huge fair for all sorts of interior decorating, mostly geared towards shops. Agents for all sorts of brands are there, and show off their new products. (And no direct selling allowed!) I was mostly interested in the food-related things, obviously, but it's fun to walk around and look at kid stuff, jewelry, handbags, and all the other stuff...

Here are some of my favorite things! First photo above is my favorite, ServeItUp from Fusionbrands. SO SMART! It's a loose cake stand - that can be attached to any plate. Bad explanation, let's try again: you can turn any plate into a cake stand. I need this. It comes in two sizes. I need both.

Yankee Candle: always a favorite. They had some gorgeous new scents, and my favorite was Wild Passion Fruit. Yummy!

Not sure of the brand, but two-part squeeze bottles to use two-color frosting? Smart!

The cutest patterned paper cups are always from [kala:s får:m]

An absolutely fabulous jam with oranges, lemons, vanilla and crushed cocoa beans. This was made by Äkta Sylt.

Licorice chocolate truffles by Skärgårdskonfekt. I'm not a huge licorice fan, but it's a very trendy flavor here, and you saw it everywhere at the fair. These were tasty though!

A tiny jar of SUPERTINY cookies, from Åre Bageri. Very cute. And very tasty, too.

Yummy cantuccini with cheese and beetroots - sounds odd but tasted great. I could imagine these instead of croutons, in a salad... or just to nibble on. Ninas Skorpor.

Adorable dinosaur chocolate molds - must get these. From Silikomart.

Cool Globe, a Swedish innovation. The domed lid holds an ice pack, to keep the food inside nice and cool. I want one of these for breakfast out on our deck in the summer!

Butterbox - the perfect way to store butter (which in Sweden comes in bricks, not sticks) and with a built in slicer.

Lovely bowls, patterned both inside and out, from Ib Laursen.

A super nifty little apron with pockets, not really for cooking, but perfect for gardening. Or for teachers. I am strongly considering this for a gift to Titus pre-school teachers. From Fröken Smart.

I've shown Frozzypack before - a lunch box where the lid is actually an ice pack. Very smart! They now come in pretty spring colors, and soon they'll have a slightly bigger size for sale, too.


Jessica said...

smörlådan var ju smart som tusan!

Ellen said...

The jam producer was easy to find if you googled the ingredients:


Anne said...

Thanks Ellen, I didn't manage! :)