Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cookbook Watch - some fall news

I'm way, way behind on my cookbook reviews, so I'll try to make up for it... first a batch with some books for kids, one for party people, and one by a Desperate Housewife!


Systrarna Eisenmans Mingelmat is written by Lisa & Monica Eisenman, who formerly ran the Cookbook Café in Stockholm. They closed down quite a few years ago, but I still remember that café fondly. Great food, great baked goods, great cookbooks. Since then, they've written several cookbooks - mostly about cakes and cookies, but also a few other ones. This one is ALL about party food of various kinds. And it's truly a bible in its genre, with 565 recpipes for canapés, toasts, mini pizzas and all sort of things. Anyone who likes to throw a party will love this book - and I know I'll use it often. A keeper.


I had no idea Eva Longoria could cook. To me (and I suspect to most people), she's Gaby in Desperate Housewives, and that she actually owns a restaurant was complete news to me. But she does. And she's written a cookbook, too. A nice one! In Eva's Kitchen, she shares her, and her families favorites. What I love is that the food is Tex-Mex - Mexican food, as cooked in Texas. It's fresh, feisty, and much healthier than you might imagine.


Mums för de minsta ("Yum for the smallest"") by Linda Hallberg is a coobook for babies, up to toddlers. It has a lot of nutrition basics, that new parents usually worry quite a bit about, and hands-on recipes for good starter purées as well as tasty food for slightly older and more adventurous eaters.

5Omslag_Laga mat med barn TB.indd

Laga mat med barn by Karolina Sparring translates to "Cooking with children" but the real aim is "Cooking FOR children", because this is a book that kids (6+) can use on their own. It's nicely laid out and attractive, and my only fault with it is that the recipes themselves aren't all that exciting. However, I realize that for most families, that's not much of an issue.


Chelsey said...

Is Eva's cookbook full of photos or does it only have the recipes? Sounds like a nice one, but I have to be able to see the final product in a photo before I set out to recreate it. ;) Also, did you get it in Stockholm? Or order it online?

Anne said...

Chelsey, it has tons of photos! Maybe not of every single dish, but most of them. I doubt it can be found in Stockholm, online is much radier and generally cheaper. I buy almost all my books - English ones -at Amazon UK.

~~louise~~ said...

GREAT reviews Anne. I'm especially attracted to that first one by Lisa & Monica Eisenman. I once had a cookbook store that was also a cafe in a small Victorian town in Pennsylvania. I'll need to add that to my wish list file.

Thanks for sharing...

annabelle said...

Theses books look fun! I wish there was a translation of the first book (my Swedish isn't good enough yet).