Sunday, September 04, 2011

Formex exhibition

Phew - I'm exhausted after spending the whole day at Formex, a huge exhibition for everything in kitchenware and so much more (jewelry, home furnishings, children's rooms and lots more). I didn't take a single photo, but I had fun looking at all the new stuff and made a major wishlist. There was a lot of fun new things from Lékué, including a super-smart macaron silicon mat that I really need. And little snack forks from Vacu Vin with christmas characters... too cute.

Formex is directed towards buyers for shops basically, and there's always quite a lot of edibles as well - tea, coffee, chocolates, jams and those sort of thing. One notable new trend in Sweden is licorice. Lots of it. Swedes love their licorice, preferably really salty. I tried an awesome kind from Iceland - yummy! I did get some nice tea samples that I'll tell you about as I try them, and also gumdrops in classic Swedish flavors, inspired by nature. I do need to take pics, though!

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