Monday, August 08, 2011

Summer lunch


Quick summer lunch - perfect for hot days. It's fresh tortellini - this one was mushroom-filled. Asparagus, cooked for just a few minutes. Wedges of perfectly ripe nectarines. Red onions. Parmesan cheese. And a light drizzling of olive oil and white wine vinegar.


Fahad Khan said...

Anne,we don't get nectarines so easily here,what fruit do you think I can substitute it with?

Tora said...

I would say peaches make a reasonable substitute for nectarines, but I'm no professional!

Looks delicious Anne! Mmm!!

Fahad Khan said...

I have been trying to post this comment,but blogger has been unavailable..
Thank you Tora,I had been wondering,since as I said,we don't get nectarines here..:-) Thank you to Anne for a wonderful recipe as well!
P.S. If you like Indian and Asian food,you might like to have a look/follow my blog too..

Anne said...

peaches are definitely a good alternative! Melon would be nice as well - maybe cantaloupe?

Fahad Khan said...

I guess I will try with peaches first..:-)