Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dumplings in Stockholm

Recently, several places that serves dumplings have opened in Stockholm. Tiny, hole-in-the-wall type places. I've only managed to try out one of them, called Peking-Mormors Dumpleria ("Peking-Grandma's Dumpling place") and I'm happy to report it's very tasty. Not as good as making your own dumplings - few things are - but still, very good. And filling. One standard order is five dumplings, a tiny salad, and sauce, and I was afraid that wouldn't be enough but it was. You get a choice between chicken, lamb, pork, veal, veg and seafood. Lamb was my favorite, followed by chicken. It's perfect for a quick meal!


Three-Cookies said...

Thanks for the tip, looking forward to trying this. I tried the authentic Mexican place you mentioned and it was awesome.

Barbara said...

I love Chinese dumplings! I'll definitely go and try those when I am in STO next time. Thanks! :-)

BTW, have I told you that I spoke Chinese to some people in a Thai restaurant in Stockholm? They told me there are not many Thai people, it's mostly Chinese who run those restaurants and serve Thai food.

sapphire said...

Fan Yuan Shi Wu on Bondegatan 64 is the awesome. Run by a couple Chinese ladies, the food is cheap and delicious! 15 pieces for 70kr!