Wednesday, July 06, 2011

A tasty idea


Strawberries - they're everywhere right now, and they're very ripe, juicy and flavorful. However, if they're not.. or if you're getting a little tired of eating them straight up, try this:

raw sugar (such as demerara or turbinado)
lime zest
maybe a little squeeze of lime juice

Combine, and macerate for at least an hour. Serve with ice cream.


Ruth said...

Adding a touch of sugar and lime sounds perfect! Yum!

Jessica said...

Strawberries doused with a just a liiiittle splash of balsamic vinegar is also a great touch!

Unknown said...

this is divine! new summer favorite!

Laura said...

I have been devouring the strawberries week after week :) haha.. This little "perk them up" is actually what my mom always used when we were little too! It def makes a huge difference! Delish :)

Kevin Obwar said...
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