Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our Fourth of July


We had a pretty small Fourth of July party this year, but didn't want to ruin our tradition of eating glorious American food. True to form, everyone brought dessert, which meant we were absolutely stuffed at the end of the night. Here are some photos for you to enjoy - I missed photographing the loaded potato skins, and a wonderful Mac & Cheese with bacon.


Onion strings (recipe to come)


Pulled pork sandwiches (recipe to come)


Cilantro Jalapeno Cole Slaw


Lena's Key Lime Pie


Thin Mint Cake Balls


Dagmar's individual cheesecakes. Half of them are Snickers/banana, half are white chocolate with berries.


When you dine with food bloggers, cameras are everywhere. Of course. :)


Matarkivet said...

What a feast!! Everything looks delish. We're actually having pulled pork tonight - love it!

brittany said...

wow, that menu sounds better than any July 4th parties I've experienced. Great job!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You celebrated the 4th of July better than I did in California! At least my neighbors had hamburgers and hotdogs in the typical American tradition for the holiday. I think I had quinoa. It's funny that you eat American food on an American holiday and I try my best to make Swedish food on Swedish holidays (like Midsummer).

Linn said...

That looks lovely. The cake balls looks really good, and I love the pink and green above of them. Sweet!

Viktoria said...

what a party! Will the recipe for the cilantro jalapeno coleslaw turn up anywhere?

Anne said...

Viktoria - yes! It's simple though - cabbage and jalapeno, a dressing with mayo, vinegar, salt, sugar and pepper, and then a LOT of cilantro.

Viktoria said...

Thank you Anne!

Anonymous said...

Your Cilantra Jalapeno Coleslaw sounds delish! I always have a problem makeing the dressing part though (and I hate Mayo). What kind of "dressing with mayo" do you use? I need your secrets! xoxo

Anne said...

Oh, I'll try to post it tomorrow! :) (I rather like mayo though!) :)