Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday Bookmarks, May 25

I've done a LOT of bookmarking in the past few days, so I won't post all of them. I keep all of my bookmarks here. For non-food-stuff, I've just started using Pinterest!

Now - let's get to it. I hope you'll discover some new blogs!

I don't just bookmark new stuff, but also some old. I've been looking for suitable picnic recipes, because of the food blogger's picnic this Sunday. (Are you coming? I hope to see you!) There's a great round-up of "Waiter, there's something in my... picnic basket", which is highly recommended reading! I'm eyeing Chicken Wraps with Apple, Bacon and Pine Nuts from Spittoon Extra, and a Quinoa, Prawn and Asparagus Salad from The Passionate Cook, my friend Johanna.

Summer is coming, so I'm collecting ice cream (or popsicle) ideas. Minted watermelon pops perhaps, or Strawberry Lemonade Popsicles from Pass the Sushi? Both sound very cooling.

Also cooling, but less kid-friendly: Fruity Frozen Vodka Slush. I'd love to have a container of this in the freezer. (But probably won't, I'm too afraid Titus will eat it.)

And then four things that I can't wait to make. Skirt Steak Tacos from Steamy Kitchen (hello dinner Saturday night!), Cinnamon Roll Muffins (there's a smart idea!) from The Baker Chick, Choquettes from Like a Strawberry Milk and an awesome-looking Lemon Scented Pull-Apart Coffee Cake from 17 and Baking.

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