Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday bookmarks, May 18

Time to share some more bookmarks! I'm seeing all sorts of summery things in the blogosphere, so that's the focus.

First - and some would say most important - how about a drink? Smitten Kitchen posted about Vermontucky Lemonade and I can't wait. I also love her super cute glasses. Perfect!

Then, three chicken recipes in a row. Salsa Ranch Wraps from Kitchen Simplicity/, a Pot Pie with Cream Cheese and Chive Biscuits from Joy the Baker, and a wonderful-looking Slow-Cooked Chicken Marbella.

Can't resist sweet stuff. Ever. How about Congo Bars from Curvy Carrot? It's a bar cookie with all sorts of goodies - dark chocolate, white chocolate, coconut, almonds... I'll try it sometime.

Here's something simpler, but quite intriguing: Cake Batter Chocolate Bark from Live Love Pasta. It uses ordinary cake mix to flavor chocolate bark. Weird! But certainly interesting...

Chocolate might not be what you're craving for summer, but how about gelato? This raspberry version from Apple a Day looks yummy, and since it doesn't need to sit overnight like egg-based custard ice cream it's quick and easy to make.

Want more? I keep all of my bookmarks here. For non-food-stuff, I've just started using Pinterest!

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Neil Butterfield said...

Thank you for sharing these bookmarks, this helps to avoid boredom at the dining room table :-)