Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Wednesday bookmarks, April 6

I'm busy travelling today - check my Twitter feed to see what I'm up to - so it's a perfect opportunity to post some links. I'm way behind on my Tastespotting feed, but here are some things I've bookmarked in the past few days.

First, something I actually ate at a foodie dinner at Kicki - it's a Papaya Carpaccio with dates and a spicy salsa. Delicious! I want to make it myself, but possibly with melon rather than papaya, and definitely with some cilantro. I'll post the recipe when I try it, as it's in Swedish at the moment.

I actually ate crispy polenta with Titus last night, but he was probably more of a fan before it was crisped up in the oven - he loved it as it was. I'll definitely try this creamy polenta the next time we're on our own for dinner, from my favorite mommy-blogger Weelicious.

From a copy of BBC Good Food comes this next recipe, for an updated classic: Chicken Pot Pie. It uses filo dough rather than traditional biscuit topping, and I think that sounds pretty good.

Delicious Days is a blog I've been following for years. I don't know why I don't have the cookbook yet, but it's definitely on my wishlist. These cheese crackers caught my eye - I'll definitely make some, but I might have to borrow some of Titus tiny play-doh cutters first!

No bookmarks without desserts. Lemon ice cream perhaps? It's from a Swedish blog called Cupcakesfluffan, and I love that it's so bright and springy. She's added lemon curd and meringues - I bet it's delicious.

Katiecakes put her own twist on a recipe from Nigella Lawson: Cherry Coke Cupcakes. Sounds weird, but they look so good!

Finally an especially sinful version of crème brûlée, with added Dumle caramels. In Swedish only - but I'll make a point to try it. It's from the Swedish magazine Allt Om mat and I really do trust their test kitchen.

As always, for more of my bookmarks, go here.

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Pille said...

I discovered another excellent dish over at Weelicious, thanks to you - coconut-shrimps. I didn't make the sweet and sour dip, served them with Sweet Thai Chilli sauce instead. Nora _loved_ them!!!