Sunday, April 17, 2011

Om Nom Bombs


Just because I'm on vacation doesn't mean you won't have any blog posts! Good thing I have a bit of backlog. I made these balls a while ago - they're a version on rice crispie treats, and I found the original recipe here. Mine didn't come out very sweet at all but that will depend on your peanut butter. If you want them sweeter, add more honey.

Om Nom Bombs
makes 30

100 g almonds, toasted and coarsely chopped
75 g rice crispies
20 g freeze-dried cherries
30 g pistachios, unsalted, whole
4 tbsp crushed linseed
3-4 tbsp honey
250 g peanut butter
coconut flakes

Mix everything, except the coconut, into a smooth dough. Shape into balls, about the size of golf balls, and roll in the coconut. Keep cool - I have mine in the freezer.

Recipe in Swedish:


Anonymous said...

Looks yum!

Unknown said...

gorgeous, want some.

Heather said...

These seem relatively healthy and really good! Hope you're enjoying your vacation!