Tuesday, April 19, 2011

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Familjens Hälsokokbok, at Bonnier Fakta
This is the second book from Jacob Wismar (I've reviewed his first one here) and I like this one much better. The title translates to "the Family's Healthy Cookbook" and that's exactly what it's about - family food, and if not necessarily super-healthy, it's at least not unhealthy. I'm mostly interested in his homemade fish-fingers, and - very excitingly - his homemade falu-style sausage! Will definitely try those, and report back as I get around to it.


Om Mat och Kärlek (Ica bokförlag)
I had no idea who Tareq Taylor was when I picked up this book, which title means "About Food and Love". I know now that he's a cross-over cook (with Arabic-Swedish-British roots) and he's done quite a bit of cooking on Swedish TV. And he's run several successful restaurants, in Malmö. The book is, unusually, divided into decades. As we all know, food has evolved quite a bit, and it's interesting to think back to what was popular in the 70's, 80's, 90's and the 2000's. I like this way of presenting food, especially since it's followed by plenty of personal anecdotes. In short, I like this book quite a lot, and I'll definitely try out some of the recipes. The lamb marinated in marsala served with pickled pears is calling out to me...


Barnens första kokbok is a translation of Children's First Cookbook by Annabel Karmel, and just came out in Swedish at B Wahlströms Förlag. Since I can't wait to get Titus cooking, I'm collecting all sorts of cookbooks for him. (Yes, yes, I realise it might take a while... but he's definitely showing interest!) This one is very approachable and has good instructions, with lots of pictures. The food is pretty good - perhaps not haute cuisine, but not too boring either. And although it's a bit cutesy (lots of kids with a smudge of jam on their nose, and big red exclamation marks for all the steps that include using a knife), I think I'll give it a go. Or rather, I'll pass it on to Titus, and hope he'll enjoy cooking from it.

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Ann-Louise said...

Kul med tips om mat för barn och familjen! Jag ska kolla in bägge böcker. Annars så håller jag med om att barnböcker om matlagning kan få för stort fokus på gulliga barn som gör söta grimaser och kladdar... ;)