Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bacon & Corn Lunch Omelette


We often make something along the lines of a tortilla/frittata/omelette for lunch. I fry whatever I happen to have (often leftover potatoes, but not this time), then add eggs and maybe some cheese. Good food, for the whole family.

Bacon & Corn Lunch Omelette
Serves 2-3

70 g bacon
1 small red onion
100 ml corn kernels
5 eggs
3 tbsp water
salt, pepper
a handful grated cheese, preferrably sharp. I used the Dutch Primadonna.

Dice the bacon and the onion. Fry, with the corn, on medium heat until the bacon becomes crispy and gets some color.

Whisk the eggs with water, and some salt and pepper. Add this to the frying pan, and stir the edges towards the middle as they start to set. When most of the omelette has set, add the cheese and let the omelette finish for a few minutes on medium-low heat.

Serve with a salad on the side.

Recipe in Swedish:
Lunchomelett med bacon & majs


Unknown said...

delish, love adding corn to my eggs

sweetcarolinescooking said...

Mmm this looks and sounds delicious!!

Chum-Chum said...

Love you blog.. Its nice.... :D