Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday bookmarks, March 23

Taken on my way to work. As you can see, blue skies and melting snow.

Ready to discover some new blogs? I'd love to share my bookmarks from the past week - really not that many this time, I've been really busy and haven't had time to read as much blog posts as I usually do. Anyway!

I have two Swedish blogs to tell you about today. One is Kalasgott, which is run by the Jennie who's still just a teenager but oh-so-talented! She's one of the participants in the very first edition of Masterchef in Sweden, and she's still in the running - it's very exciting, and I'm cheering for her every Wednesday night. She posted about this Crème Brûlée tarte with raspberries, and I think it's pure genius.

Then we have Tea, who's as sweet as her blog Söta Saker ("sweet things"). She's also published an awesome cookbook, which I heartily recommend if you're into baking. (And can read Swedish...) She wrote about a bread called Sirapsrutor, which is the sort of dense, sweet bread I know my husband will love. I'll try to make them soon, as a departure from my sourdough experiments.

A blog that's new to me is Smashed Peas and Carrots. I was drawn in by this step-by-step instruction for a Banoffee Pie, and maybe it'll be just the thing to actually make me try to make Dulce de Leche! (I can't help finding it just a bit scary, all that boiling...)

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Jessica said...

Helt ofarligt att göra egen dulce de leche. Kolla recept i mitt receptregister.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anne, Don't be afraid of boiling up the cans of condensed milk...I was so scared of them exploding the first time and watched the pot like a hawk!! It is so easy though. Boil up several at a time and leave the unopened tins in the cupboard (they will keep for MONTHS...if not years) and are a brilliant dessert standby!!! Banoffee pie is an Aussie favourite and I've made them countless times...once you've boiled your first tin, they'll be no stopping you!!! Kate