Sunday, March 20, 2011

Orange Buttercream Macarons


Orange Buttercream Macarons
about 25 filled macarons

3 egg whites, at room temperature
2 tbsp caster sugar (or in my case, homemade vanilla sugar)
200 g powdered sugar
110 g almonds, blanched
1-2 tsp powdered orange food coloring

Combine powdered sugar and almonds in your food processor, and grind until very fine. Sieve. Re-grind any lumps or big pieces of almonds. Mix carefully (they tend to separate a little bit when sieving, since the sugar falls through first.)

Beat egg whites and sugar until you have a thick, glossy meringue. Don't overbeat. Stir in the almond-sugar powder, and fold together, and add the color, too. Don't overmix this - most seem to say that you should use less than 50 strokes. (You can try it by dolloping a little batter on a baking sheet - if the peak falls down, it's ready. If it doesn't, try a few more strokes.)

Pipe small rounds on a baking sheet with baking paper. Leave at room temperature for 30-60 minutes, to form a skin.

Bake at 150°C for about 10 minutes. (I have a convection oven.) Let them cool completely before filling. Unused shells can be frozen, or kept in an air-tight container for a day or so.

Orange Vanilla Buttercream :
3 egg yolks
75 g sugar
82 g corn syrup (or if you're in Sweden, white baking syrup works perfectly)
225 g unsalted butter, softened
finely grated peel from 1 orange
seeds from 1 vanilla bean

Beat the egg yolks until fluffy. Bring sugar and corn syrup to a boil, and immediately remove from heat. Pour over the egg yolks and beat at high speed until fully cooled. (Try not to get any on your beaters, or it will spin to the sides of your bowl.

Add the butter, a pat at a time, until fully incorporated. Finally add orange zest and vanilla.

Spread - or pipe - the cream onto half of the macaron shells, top with the remaining shells. Eat right away or freeze.

Recipe in Swedish:
Macarons med apelsinsmörkräm


nyanyels said...

Wow! I love all macarons. But these look delicious.

Unknown said...

what a light refreshing flavor.

Katarina said...

I like the colors of these!

katie g said...

I am in Australia and have never heard of powdered sugar. Is it the same as icing sugar? I really want to give these a go because I have a macaroon addiction at the moment. But I am stumped on the sugar.

Anne said...

Hi katie! Oh, I think those are the same! :)

katie g said...

thanks Anne