Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Making sushi

Sushi! All made by me and Dagmar.

A few weeks ago, I was invited to a sushi cooking class by the Swedish food producer Touch of Taste. (They make stocks and I don't know what that had to do with sushi, but hey.) The sushi chef was Joakim Lundblad who's definitely one of the most influential Swedish sushi chefs, and has been the chairman of the jury for "Sushi chef of the year." He also works closely with my ex-brother in law Peter Forsberg, who is also a very talented sushi chef that I've written about before (here, here and here). You can find a lot of Joakim's recipes - in Swedish - here.

Anyway. I was happy to be invited since I like Joakim's style of sushi: not very traditional. He had prepared everything - the rice (but he showed us how to do it, too - he rinses it really well, and then soaks it for at least two hours or overnight. After that, it's cooked in a rice cooker), and tons of ingredients. The table was covered in little bowls and plates with all kinds of things.

The bowl in front holds the most divine smokey squid salad - I love it!

There were common things like salmon and tuna (which he taught us how to slice properly for sashimi), and Japanese omelett, but also asparagus, water cress, eel, mackerel, a lovely dilled crawfish salad, cucumber and tons of other stuff. We were invited to play and combine as we please. Our rolls contained eel, cream cheese and asparagus (my least favorite), smokey squid salad and cucumber (yum!!) and eggs, cucumber and the crawfish salad (awesome!).

All in all, a really fun night, and I really want to try to make sushi on my own now.


Cooking Gallery said...

What a feast you have there...! I love sushi, but like you, I prefer the rather non-traditional sushi, my favourite is with prawn tempura :)

Jocie's Mom said...

How cool is a sushi class?! Great post! Looks like so much fun :)

dj said...

That is not too shabby! Is this your first time taking a sushi class?

Anne said...

Ooh, tempura... will definitely try that!!

Dj - it is! I found it easier, albeit much stickier, than I had expected :)