Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Wednesday bookmarks, February 9

Oh, it's such a lovely sunny day today - still cold and windy, but the sun can really do wonders for the mood.

I haven't bookmarked a whole lot this week, but a few things have definitely caught my eye. Such as the Homemade Nutella by David Lebovitz! Did you know February 5 was World Nutella Day? Me either. And I didn't eat any, so maybe I need to make some to compensate...

Hopefully healthier, these Roasted Edamame beans from perennial-favorite-site Tastespotting look delicious. I have some in my freezer, so I better try this soon!

Another snack that I think the whole family will love: Chewy Pretzel Bites, from Mel's Kitchen Café.

Finally, a variation on pancakes: Cheesy Cornflake Pancakes from Fuss Free Cooking look quite interesting. I think they'll be perfect for next time me and Titus have dinner on our own.

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frida said...

oh nooo, I missed World Nutella Day!