Friday, February 18, 2011

Macarons in the making


Jocie's Mom said...



Hej Anne
My man bought me a book a Christmas called Mad About Macaroons BY Jill Colonna...
They look complicated...bUT APPARENTLY they're not it's all in the preparation...The egg whites in the fridge for 5 days before you even start to make them...puts me off...Just need to get my head around that & organised and I will have a go at MACAROONING all the way LOL!
How do find enjoy making them?

Anonymous said...

You must let us know how they turned out! I was *just* thinking how I'd like to attempt making macarons... or perhaps finding a good place to order them. :)

Norma Iris Vidal said...

In the US I have not seen macaroons like these, just coconut ones. I looked on your blog for other varieties, they look delicious.

Anonymous said...

Macarons är på min att-göra-lista, men jag drar mig lite för det, för jag vet inte om jag klarar av ett misslyckande... Dessa ser superfina ut!

Anne said...

Swedishouse, I find it perfectly fine to age the egg whites for a day or so - a few hours work as well, as long as the eggs themselves aren't super-fresh. And they should be at room temperature. But five days - I usually don't. :)

Withbluesatinsashes - they turned out great! Macarons with cocoa seems to be even easier, I think something in it stabilizes the batter. And it's not that hard! :)

Matarkivet - testa! även misslyckade macarons är goda :)