Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Gingerbread house


I don't know why I haven't posted, as I'm very proud of my little Gingerbread cottage! I made it early in December (using this recipe for dough) and it was actually my first ever. I found it very easy - I used a fine Microplane grater to make the edges straight, and used hot sugar to glue. Simple! Or so I thought, laughing about how everyone complained.


And then it was time for the chimney. Look closely - do you see a chimney in the photo? No, you don't. Because it's not there. And that's because I ended up dropping the chimney pieces in the hot sugar, right after I dropped some hot sugar on my little finger. Quite a bad burn, actually.

So, there you go. I might use something else to glue it together next year - in fact, I think I'll use... glue. After all, it's just meant to be decorative.


Durotto said...

Fantastiskt !! :o) !!

Benny said...
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Zazuza said...

but it looks so yummy! well done!

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Vow,,yummmy ..looks very delicious.

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