Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wednesday bookmarks, Dec 15

View from my office window, December 15. Sunny and cold!

With Christmas fast approaching, I'm definitely starting to spend more time in the kitchen. I'm focusing on cookies and candy, since both of those can be prepared well in advance, and they make great gifts, too. I'll definitely try to make a little guide to Swedish christmas food and christmas candy - look for that later this week.

For now, let's see what I've bookmarked from other blogs this week. Not So Humble Pie is one of my favorite blogs - gorgeous photos and delicious recipes - and this week, she's made caramel-wrapped marshmallows. Impressive! I've made marshmallows before, and that was easy, so maybe I ought to try this.

And if I should fail, this recipe for Peppermint Crisps looks much easier. I'm a huge fan of chocolate and mint together, so this is a definite must-do!

Not sweet, but sweet potatoes. I have some left over from thanksgiving, and have thought about baking them into fries. This recipe is the one I will try.

Maybe I'll make this edamame hummus to serve it with? I do love edamame, but I hate normal hummus - but I have a feeling I'll like this one. I think I'll switch cilantro for the parsley though...

That's it for today! If you want to see more bookmarks, my Delicious page can be found here.

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Cookie and Kate said...

Hi Anne! Thank you for linking to my sweet potato fries! Please give them a try and let me know how it goes!

Kate of