Friday, December 10, 2010

The Nobel dinner

Nope, not invited this year either! (I'm as surprised as you are, that is to say, not at all.) But the menu sounds lovely:

Duck galantine with apples, pumpkin,
pickled vegetables and spicy jelly

Fried truffled turbot, winter salad with chanterelles and
truffled oxtail gravy

Milk chocolate and orange Bavarian cream, flavoured with Gammeldansk Bitter,
served with an orange salad

The Nobel Prize Website.


Jessica said...

But the dessert was NOT ice cream ;). Thankfully we had enough in the freezer ;)

Three-Cookies said...

I reckon the menu should have more Swedish influence. Why not a julbord/Christmas Buffet:)

bridgetwhoplaysfrenchhorn said...

I remember walking the halls of Stadhuset way back when...what I would give to be on the arm of a guest at that banquet...

Jessica said...

@easilygoodeats: thank heaven that they haven't/won't do a buffet at a nobel dinner. They use swedish ingredients and put swedish techniques into the cooking.

Anonymous said...

Sounds disgusting and why would anyone want to be there?